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    How to use the AI contest builder with ViralKit offers the world’s first and only fully powered AI contest builder! You can tell it in one or more sentences what type of contest you want to run, and it will create it for you in 10 seconds or less. Let’s learn how to do it!

    Step 1) Say what kind of contest you want to run

    Go to the dashboard of your ViralKit account, or click on the AI Contest Builder link on the left navigation.

    Next you will see a text field call AI Powered Contest Builder. Here, you can fill in information about the type of giveaway you want to run, such as:

    • Where you want to get growth e.g. Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Youtube, etc.
    • The start and end date
    • What prizes you’re giving away

    Step 2) Click ‘Generate My Contest’

    Once, you’ve filled out your instructions, click the Generate My Contest link.

    You then be presented with a Success message.

    Step 3) Fill in your social handles

    Next, it will show you the entry methods it generated. Here you can edit the handles of your socials.

    Step 4) Review and customize your giveaway

    You’ll be able to see that it auto-generated your title and description. Also, it filled in the proper names, value, amount, and currency.

    You can proceed to edit the login fields or add as many more entry methods as you want.

    Once you’re ready, click ‘Save & Preview Contest’ to view it.

    Step 5) View your live contest

    Once you’re satisfied, you can click the Save & Preview button and view your live giveaway. That’s it!

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