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    Add a Custom Logo To Your Contest Landing Page

    A custom logo on your contest landing page not only strengthens your brand presence but also gives a professional look to your contest. ViralKit allows you to easily add a logo and link it to a custom URL, such as your company’s homepage or a promotional site. Here’s how to add a custom logo to your contest landing page.

    1. Accessing the Logo Settings

    Firstly, log in to your ViralKit account and select the contest you want to edit, or create a new contest. Once you are in the contest editor:

    1. Look for the option to “Add a custom logo on your landing page”.
    2. Click on the “+ Choose File” button to upload the logo image from your computer.

    Select the logo file from your computer. It’s important to use a clear and high-resolution image to ensure your logo is displayed crisply, enhancing your brand image.

    • Accepted formats typically include JPG or PNG.
    • Make sure the logo’s dimensions fit the recommended size for optimal display and that it has a transparent background if it’s not a rectangular logo.

    3. Linking Your Logo to a Custom URL

    Adding a hyperlink to your logo can direct participants to your chosen URL:

    1. Find the field labeled “Link your logo to a custom URL”.
    2. Enter the URL you wish to link your logo to, such as
    3. This URL could be your company’s documentation, homepage, or a campaign-specific page, providing participants with a direct path to learn more about your brand or specific campaign details.

    4. Saving Your Changes

    Once you have uploaded your logo and linked it to the desired URL:

    1. Double-check the logo and URL for accuracy.
    2. Click “Save” to apply the changes to your contest landing page.

    5. Previewing Your Landing Page

    To ensure everything is set up correctly:

    1. Use the “Save & Preview Contest” feature to view how the logo and link function in a live environment.
    2. Your logo should be visible on the landing page, and clicking on it should redirect to the URL you specified.

    Final Touches

    Consider the placement and size of your logo on the landing page. It should be prominent enough to be immediately noticeable but not so large that it overshadows the contest details. Ensure that it’s clickable and that the hyperlink works as intended.


    By following these steps, you can effectively incorporate your branding into your contest, offering participants a direct link to your chosen URL through the logo on the landing page. This not only enhances brand visibility but also enriches the participant’s journey by seamlessly connecting them with your online presence.

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