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    ViralKit Affiliate Program

    Affiliate marketing remains one of the most effective and trusted online marketing strategies. recognizes the power of partnerships and is proud to present its affiliate program, designed to reward dedicated and enthusiastic partners. If you’re considering becoming an affiliate for, here’s everything you need to know. offers a remarkable commission rate to its affiliates:

    • Earn 25% recurring revenue on every paid signup you refer. This isn’t just a one-time bonus. As long as your referred user remains a paying subscriber, you’ll keep earning!

    1. Getting Started

    Joining the affiliate program is a straightforward process:

    2. Application Process

    • To maintain the program’s integrity and ensure mutual benefits, you must apply to become an affiliate.
    • Simply submit your application, and our team will review it meticulously.
    • Expect a response from us within 2 business days. We value your time and make it a priority to provide prompt feedback.

    3. Tracking Your Referrals employs a robust tracking system to ensure every referral is credited to its rightful affiliate:

    • We use a 30-day cookie system. This means if a user clicks on your referral link and signs up within 30 days, you get the credit.

    4. Detailed Analytics Dashboard

    To help you monitor your success and optimize your strategies:

    • Access a comprehensive analytics dashboard that provides detailed insights.
    • Track daily signups, distinguishing between free and paid registrations.
    • Monitor all paid conversions to calculate your earnings accurately.

    5. Prompt and Convenient Payouts

    We understand you want to get paid promptly:

    • Once you decide to cash out your earnings, request a payout.
    • Receive your funds via PayPal within just 5 business days of your request. Swift, efficient, and hassle-free!


    The Affiliate Program is an exciting opportunity to collaborate with a growing platform and earn substantial commissions. With an attractive revenue model, easy-to-use tools, and prompt payouts, becoming a affiliate could be your next big step in the world of affiliate marketing. Dive in and be a part of the success story!