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    Setting the Start and End Date for Your Contest on ViralKit

    Creating a contest timeline is an essential step in managing a successful online contest. On ViralKit, you can easily set a specific start date and end date for your contests, complete with times and time zones. This document section guides you through scheduling your contest effectively.

    Navigating to the Contest Timing Section

    To set the dates for your contest:

    1. Log in to your dashboard.
    2. Choose the contest you wish to edit.
    3. Once you’re in the contest editor, scroll down a bit, and you’ll see fields to set the start and end dates of your contest.

    Configuring Start and End Dates

    Within the Contest Timing section, you will find the fields to enter the start and end dates and times for your contest:

    • Start Date and Time: Enter the date and time when your contest will go live. Participants will not be able to enter before this time.
    • Time Zone: Select the time zone relevant to your contest start and end times. This ensures clarity for participants from different geographical areas and aligns the contest timing with local events or promotions.

    Understanding Contest Status Based on Dates

    • Scheduled Contest: If the current date and time are before the set “Start Date and Time,” the contest status will be “Scheduled.” During this phase, the contest page will display the scheduled date, and participants will not be able to submit entries.
    • Live Contest: As soon as the clock hits the start time you have set, the contest status switches to “Live.” This change allows participants to start submitting their entries. The live status will continue until the end time is reached.
    • Expired Contest: After the “End Date and Time” passes, the contest status automatically updates to “Expired.” The contest page may then display the winners if you have chosen to enable this feature and will no longer accept entries.

    Saving Your Contest Dates

    Once you have entered the dates and times:

    1. Review your entries to ensure accuracy.
    2. Click the Save & Preview button to secure the schedule of your contest.
    3. You can now proceed with other aspects of your contest setup or publish your changes.

    By setting clear and precise start and end dates, you provide a structured timeline for your contest, which is a best practice in contest management. This also provides a fair and transparent contest environment for all participants.