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How to Do a Giveaway on TikTok: 10 Tips for Success in 2024
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TikTok has become a key player in the digital world, especially for engaging users and growing brands. With its huge user base of over a billion monthly users, TikTok is not just for fun videos but also a prime spot for businesses to gain attention and expand. One key strategy? Launching a successful TikTok giveaway. These contests do more than entertain, they’re a smart way to boost engagement and get more followers.

Why go for a TikTok giveaway? The numbers are convincing: TikTok has over 3 billion app downloads, with users spending around 68 minutes on it daily. This makes contests on TikTok a fantastic method to organically reach a larger audience and go viral. They’re especially effective given that 35% of TikTok’s users are aged 19 to 29, a demographic well-known for their active social media use.

But, stepping into TikTok giveaways takes more than just excitement. This guide will encourage you to start your TikTok contest and give you the best tips for a winning giveaway. It will also give tips on how to do a legal TikTok contest. Whether your brand is already a hit on TikTok or just beginning, now’s the time to tap into the platform’s potential and connect with a bigger, more engaged audience.

Let’s dive in!

Set Goals for Engaging TikTok Giveaways and Contests

When planning a TikTok giveaway or a contest on TikTok, it’s important to have a clear goal that fits with your bigger marketing plans. Whether you want to attract younger people, increase sales, or get more TikTok followers, you need a plan that works well for TikTok. Since you can’t put links in TikTok posts, you have to be creative with your giveaway.

Focus on getting more engagement in your TikTok giveaways. Try to get more comments, views, follows, and shares. This helps your content get seen by more people on TikTok. When thinking about how to do a giveaway on TikTok, you can either choose a simple giveaway, where you pick winners from those who comment or follow you, or a more active contest. Simple giveaways are good for making your brand more known and thanking your followers. On the other hand, contests on TikTok invite people to submit their own content and help increase awareness of your brand.

It’s also a good idea to look at what’s popular on TikTok. This can help you decide how to set up your TikTok contest or giveaway. Look for themes, music, and ways of storytelling that are popular, and try to include these in your giveaway to make it more engaging and successful.

Selecting the Perfect Prize for Your TikTok Giveaway or Contest

When you’re planning a giveaway on TikTok, picking the right prize is really important. This choice will make a big difference in how successful your TikTok contest will be. Your prize should be something that people really want and fits with what your TikTok audience likes.

If your budget is tight, there are still plenty of great prize ideas for your TikTok giveaway. Things like gift cards, popular gadgets (like Apple AirPods), toys, music items, or beauty products are great choices. They’re not only cool prizes but also appeal to many TikTok users.

For bigger brands with more to spend, you could go for bigger prizes like concert tickets, free vacations, cash, fancy jewelry, or even cars. A good example is the Contiki TikTok contest, where they give a free travel opportunity to the winner.

While all of those are enticing prizes, it’s also important that your prize connects with both your business and your audience. It’s good to have your prize related to your brand. For example, if you have a doggy treat subscription box company, maybe you can offer a free year subscription to your service.

After picking your prize, make sure to present it in a way that stands out. Use a catchy image for your TikTok giveaway announcement to grab people’s attention and make them more interested in joining.

In short, your TikTok giveaway should have a prize that’s not just cool, but also right for your audience and looks great visually. This approach will help get more people involved and might even bring new customers to your business on TikTok.

Creating Clear Entry Guidelines and Official Rules for Your TikTok Contest

When running a giveaway on TikTok, clarity in entry guidelines and official rules is key. Your TikTok giveaway should have straightforward instructions on how to enter, which you can explain in your TikTok video and briefly in the video captions. Common entry methods for a TikTok contest include following your profile, watching a video, liking and commenting on a video, creating a video, and joining a live stream. Don’t forget to set a clear entry deadline, mentioning the end time and time zone.

While TikTok is your primary platform for submissions, consider having a landing page for an alternative method of entry. Following TikTok’s community guidelines and establishing clear, official contest rules is crucial. Make sure to provide a link to these rules in your initial giveaway post and in any promotional content. Your guidelines should clearly state that no purchase is necessary to win and include a disclaimer that your giveaway is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by TikTok.

Use a TikTok Contest Tool

After choosing your prize, the next step is to build your actual contest. Choosing a TikTok contest tool like ViralKit helps simplify the management of user entries, entry methods, and winner selection. Begin by creating a ViralKit account, and then start a new giveaway.

ViralKit guides you through the process:

  • Add a title for your prize.
  • Set the start and end dates.
  • Decide on the number of winners.

ViralKit’ TikTok giveaway tool can also help auto-generate official rules for your giveaway, pre-filling terms and conditions to ensure compliance and ease of use. The tool streamlines the process, making it easier to run a successful and legally compliant TikTok giveaway.

Simplifying Entry Methods for Your TikTok ViralKit Contest

ViralKit offers a seamless way to boost likes and followers on TikTok, making your giveaway more engaging and accessible. With ViralKit, participants can join your TikTok giveaway through various actions, enhancing the contest’s reach and potential for viral success. Here are some ways users can enter your TikTok contest:

  • Following your profile
  • Watching a video
  • Liking a video
  • Commenting on a video
  • Creating a video
  • Join a live stream

To set these options, go to the “+ Add Entry Method” tab and select TikTok. You’ll find six different entry methods for your audience to engage with your content on TikTok.

These actions are crucial in expanding the reach of your content and increasing the chances of creating a viral TikTok video.

Why stop at just TikTok?

ViralKit also lets you integrate 60+ other social platforms into your giveaway. You can incentives people to follow and share your content on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter/X, and many others.

Overall, using a TikTok contest app like ViralKit can help expand your reach and maximize your engagement. Check out a live example of a ViralKit powered TikTok giveaway.

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Setting Up TikTok Branded Hashtags

One dynamic entry method is the use of branded hashtags. This approach not only fosters a community around your brand on social media but also drives targeted impressions and encourages user-generated content. This strategy adds a communal aspect to your brand, enhancing audience engagement.

Monitoring these branded hashtags also offers insightful feedback about how your audience views and interacts with your brand. This information is invaluable for refining your future strategies and offerings.

ViralKit’s TikTok giveaway app makes it easy to set up a branded hashtag entry method. Choose the ‘Create Your Own Entry Method’ option and instruct users to use your hashtag on their TikTok profiles. For verification, ask entrants to provide their username and the link to the content where they used your hashtag.

Incorporating these tactics in your TikTok giveaway or contest can significantly enhance user engagement and increase your brand’s visibility on the platform, leveraging the full potential of TikTok’s dynamic and interactive environment.

Launching Your TikTok Giveaway

Once you’ve set up your TikTok giveaway using ViralKit, it’s time to bring it to your audience. You can integrate it into your website or use a free hosted landing page provided by ViralKit. To add it to your site, simply insert a small code snippet into your website’s HTML. Share the link to this page in your TikTok bio or as part of your promotional content.

Here’s how your completed TikTok account giveaway can look.

Promoting Your TikTok Contest

The real work starts after setting up your TikTok contest. Promotion is key to viral engagement on TikTok. Utilize ViralKit’s viral share feature for a refer-a-friend action, encouraging participants to share your contest with their networks for additional entries.

Promotional strategies include:

  • Creating an announcement video on TikTok, keeping it fun and engaging.
  • Promoting across all your social media profiles for wider reach.
  • Informing your email subscribers about the contest.
  • Featuring the contest on your website through blog posts or notification bars.
  • Regularly update your TikTok followers with videos about the giveaway to keep the excitement high.

Choosing a Winner

Once your contest ends, it’s time to pick a winner. ViralKit simplifies this process, allowing you to select a winner manually or randomly. Announce the winner through a TikTok video, highlighting the contest’s success and thanking participants. Tease your audience to keep them engaged for the upcoming giveaways.

Analyzing Your Contest’s Success

Evaluate the success of your TikTok contest by revisiting the goals you set. Use TikTok’s pro account analytics to review metrics like video views, follower demographics, and individual content performance. Comparing these with your initial objectives will give you insights into the contest’s effectiveness and areas for improvement in future campaigns.

Final Thoughts

You now have the roadmap to create a successful TikTok giveaway or contest. With these steps, you’re ready to launch your campaign on one of the most dynamic social media platforms. If you’re looking for ideas for a Facebook giveaway next, remember to keep your approach creative and engaging to attract a wide audience.


  1. How do I run a giveaway on TikTok?
    • Choose a prize that your audience will love.
    • Set clear rules and guidelines for entering.
    • Use ViralKit to manage entries and streamline the process.
    • Promote your giveaway on TikTok and other social media platforms.
    • Make sure your giveaway announcement has a catchy image to draw attention.
  2. What are some effective prize ideas for TikTok giveaways?
    • Small budget: Gift cards, popular gadgets (like Apple AirPods), toys, music items, or beauty products.
    • Large budget: Concert tickets, vacations, cash, high-end jewelry, or vehicles.
    • ViralKit can help showcase these prizes effectively on your landing page.
  3. Can I do a giveaway on TikTok with a limited budget?
    • Yes, there are many budget-friendly yet appealing options for TikTok giveaways.
    • ViralKit can help in efficiently organizing these giveaways, even with a limited budget.
  4. What makes a TikTok contest successful?
    • A great prize, clear rules, good promotion, and aligning with your audience’s interests.
    • ViralKit enhances the success of your TikTok contest by managing entries and promotions effectively.
  5. How can I promote my TikTok giveaway?
    • Post engaging videos on TikTok, share across social media, and leverage email marketing.
    • ViralKit can assist in amplifying your giveaway’s reach.
  6. Is it important to have visually appealing images for TikTok giveaways?
    • Yes, attractive images can significantly boost your giveaway’s appeal and engagement.
    • ViralKit offers customization options to make your giveaway visually appealing.
  7. Can I offer experiences as prizes in my TikTok contest?
    • Absolutely, offering unique experiences can be very enticing.
    • Display these experiences attractively using ViralKit’s customizable landing pages.
  8. How do I choose the right prize for my TikTok audience?
    • Understand your audience’s preferences and align the prize with your brand.
    • ViralKit can help present your prize in a way that resonates with your TikTok audience.
  9. What should I consider when setting up contest rules on TikTok?
    • Ensure your rules are clear, fair, and comply with TikTok’s guidelines and legal requirements.
    • Use ViralKit to help set up and display these rules clearly.
  10. How can a TikTok giveaway benefit my brand?
    • It can increase engagement, raise brand awareness, and open new channels for customer acquisition.
    • ViralKit can be instrumental in maximizing these benefits through efficient contest management.

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