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How to Get More Discord Members in No Time! (5 True Strategies)
Elena Ristovska
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In today’s digital age, cultivating a thriving Discord community is essential. An active Discord is like a bustling online hangout where Discord members exchange chats and ideas. The goal? Making your server lively and fun for every Discord member. To grow swiftly, spotlight your branding, begin connecting early, curate your content, and host regular giveaways.

Discord’s influence has grown exponentially. By January 2023, its user count soared to over 563 million, up from 250 million in 2019. This quick growth, with a 20% increase each year, shows its growing popularity.

Let’s look at easy ways to get more members and boost your Discord member count on your Discord server.

Imagine walking into a lively virtual world, filled with Discord servers, each with its unique style. It’s like entering a room where everyone’s appearance and personality stand out. This is what branding does for a Discord server; it creates a strong first impression and attracts Discord members to join the fun. 

Clear Branding and a Unique Theme

In the vast landscape of Discord servers, how yours looks and feels matters. Good branding is a magnet for Discord members. Let’s enhance your server’s appeal:

Specificity is Key

Define your Discord server’s purpose. Whether it’s a specific game, hobby, or another niche, make it clear. Specialized servers tend to attract more Discord members. A clear focus helps Discord members know exactly what to expect and makes them more involved.

Aesthetically Pleasing Design

Ensure your Discord server embodies its theme. For gaming-oriented servers, lean into game-like visuals. It aids in making instant connections with your Discord members. A consistent aesthetic sets the mood, making members feel more immersed. Remember, visuals often speak louder than words, setting the tone for your server’s entire experience.

Memorable Server Icon

An icon is a Discord server’s first impression. Make it instantly identifiable. A custom design differentiates your Discord server from the rest.

Descriptive Yet Catchy Name

Name your Discord server with clarity and flair. A catchy name might sway a Discord member to hop aboard or scroll past.

Consistent Branding

Keeping things consistent on your Discord server, from icons to channels, makes it clearer and easier for Discord members. This uniformity not only streamlines the user experience but also fosters a sense of familiarity. When every aspect of your server aligns with its theme and branding, Discord members can navigate effortlessly, allowing them to dive deeper into discussions and community engagement.

Engage with Your Theme

Keep the content on your Discord server fresh. If it revolves around a TV series, perhaps have episode discussions every week. With intentional branding and theme, your Discord server becomes more than just a chat space; it provides clarity and an inviting atmosphere, compelling Discord members to join and stay.

Boost Engagement with Rewarding Giveaways

For any Discord server, giveaways are powerful tools for attracting and retaining Discord members. Everyone loves the chance at free or discounted items. Here’s how to make the most of your giveaways on Discord:

Know Your Audience

Before launching a Discord giveaway bot, determine what your Discord members value. Exclusive content? Digital perks? Early access? This tailoring ensures your offerings resonate with potential Discord members. 

Furthermore, engaging with your community to gather insights doesn’t stop at the planning phase. As you run giveaways, stay receptive to feedback from Discord members. Their comments and suggestions can be invaluable for refining your future offerings, ensuring that each giveaway resonates even more effectively with your target audience. This interactive approach not only attracts new members but also strengthens the bond with your existing Discord community.

Schedule Giveaways

Consistency creates excitement. If Discord members know about a regular monthly giveaway, they’re more likely to stay active and invite friends.

Discord contests are a powerful tool to get more Discord members and keep Discord servers active. They add fun and excitement, and with tools like ViralKit, they’re easy and ready to run.

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With its “Join Discord Server” option, ViralKit makes it easier to grow your Discord server’s subscriber base. The most notable feature is its ability to use API validation, which ensures that people who enter actually join your server’s Discord channel and eliminates the possibility of entries made by bots.

By holding its yearly Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest, the NFT campaign VeeFriends successfully made use of this tactic. In addition to increasing the number of users on the VeeFriends Discord server, this also attracts attention on social media sites like Twitter, raising the prominence of their NFT project.

Set Clear Rules

For the trust of your Discord members, maintain transparent and fair giveaway rules. Make them simple and easy to understand. This way, your Discord members know what to expect. Consistent rules make things fair and fun for everyone. And when everyone’s on the same page, it creates a more harmonious community.

Partner Up

Collaborating with brands or influencers whose values align with your server’s theme can be a game-changer. Their followers may be intrigued and decide to join your Discord server as active Discord members. This kind of partnership can open doors to new audiences and expand your community.

Gather Feedback

After each giveaway on your Discord server, it’s crucial to gather feedback from your Discord members. Their insights and suggestions are invaluable for making improvements. By actively seeking feedback and refining your giveaways based on their input, you not only enhance the experience for your current members but also make your server more appealing to potential Discord members. This iterative process helps you continuously improve and grow your community.

Promote Across Platforms

Maximizing your Discord server’s reach means going beyond Discord itself. Branching out to platforms where your potential members hang out can create significant buzz. By casting a wider net, you give your server the spotlight it deserves.

Expand Beyond Discord

To maximize your Discord server’s reach, it’s essential to think outside the Discord box. Many potential Discord members are active on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and more on a daily basis. These platforms offer a fantastic opportunity to capture their attention and drive them to your server.

Leverage Social Media

Platforms like Twitter and Instagram aren’t only for fun. Sharing server events or teaser posts about upcoming activities can pique interest and engage potential Discord members. Regular updates remind followers about the value your Discord server offers.

Promote Giveaways Everywhere

While your primary audience is on Discord, broaden your reach. Post your giveaways on sites like Twitter and Instagram. This helps more people notice your server and invites them to join as your Discord members.

Furthermore, when executing such promotions, tools like ViralKit offer invaluable support. ViralKit boasts a range of entry methods, ensuring your giveaway reaches across the digital spectrum. This means that participants in your giveaway can perform actions on many platforms to enter. Some of the most popular platforms integrated with ViralKit include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn
  • TikTok
  • Reddit
  • Snapchat
  • Twitch
  • Many more

By leveraging these platforms, ViralKit ensures that your giveaway garners maximum attention, boosting your Discord server’s visibility and attracting a diverse range of Discord members.

This version incorporates the information about ViralKit while seamlessly blending it with the original content about promoting giveaways.

Match Promotion to Theme

Your Discord server has a unique theme. Promote where it matters. Gaming servers might target Twitch, while a book club might focus on Goodreads.

Engage Actively

Posting isn’t enough. Engage with comments, collaborate with related influencers, and connect activities back to your Discord server. An Instagram Q&A or a Twitter poll can redirect attention to your community. Simply put, using various promotions can get more people to join your Discord server, making your server more known.

Collaborate with Other Servers

In the world of Discord servers, there’s a great chance to attract more members through collaboration.  Instead of viewing other servers as competition, envision the shared gains of partnership.

Embrace Collaboration

Team up with servers that share your interests to attract more Discord members. These partnerships offer mutual benefits through shared promotions and events, expanding your reach and creating a larger, interconnected network for members.

Cross-Promotion Magic

Cross-promotion can introduce your community to fresh content and vice versa. When servers complement each other, you tap into a broader audience.

Excite with Joint Events

Organizing joint events can ignite enthusiasm. Whether it’s a gaming tournament or a book club read-along, shared activities create buzz.

Seamless Community with Shared Channels

Shared channels provide a seamless experience for Discord members. It’s like a bridge between communities, making it easy to explore new interests.

These partnerships not only help your server grow but also create a larger, connected community of active Discord members. Collaborating with other servers can infuse new energy into your community and expand your reach. So, explore these opportunities and build a stronger, more vibrant Discord presence.

Active Moderation and a Welcoming Environment

Active moderation not only maintains order but also builds trust among Discord members.  When users notice consistent rule enforcement, they feel safer and more valued in the community.

Swift Response to Issues

An active mod team ensures swift responses to any issues that may arise within the server.  Whether it’s resolving conflicts between members or managing reports of inappropriate behavior, having moderators can prevent issues from getting worse. 

Fostering a Positive Atmosphere

Creating a welcoming environment isn’t just about stopping negative experiences; it also encourages a positive atmosphere. This includes encouraging respectful communication, promoting inclusivity, and celebrating achievements within the community.

The Importance of Community Guidelines

Defined community guidelines are essential. They provide a framework for both moderators and members to understand what behavior to expect. When these guidelines are upheld consistently, it sets a standard for behavior that all Discord members can follow.

Encouraging Member Interaction

An active mod team can also help member interaction by organizing events, contests, and discussions. These activities not only make the server active but also let members connect and make friends.

Feedback and Improvement

A well-moderated server actively seeks feedback from its Discord members. This feedback has a use to improve the server’s policies, rules, and experience. It shows that the community values the input of its members.

Adapting to Growth

As a server grows, the role of moderation becomes even more crucial. A proactive mod team should be ready to adjust to the community’s evolving needs, ensuring a safe and pleasant environment for all members.

Unlocking Discord Member Growth: Conclusion

In the ever-evolving world of Discord communities, the key to success lies in captivating and retaining Discord members. Through branding, collaboration, moderation, and engagement, we’ve uncovered strategies to foster an active server. 

Yet, one magical ingredient can truly transform your Discord into a bustling hub – giveaways. These virtual treasure troves excite and unite members. Tailor them to cater to your community’s desires, and you’ll witness an influx of enthusiastic Discord members, eager to engage.

Giveaways excite and solidify bonds within your server, keeping members coming back. If you’re ready to elevate your Discord community, embrace giveaways. Watch as they transform your server into a thriving haven for members to connect, share, and thrive together.

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