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17 Best Giveaway Apps For Social Media In 2024 (Compared)
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Looking for the right giveaway app to boost your social media presence in 2024? We’ve compiled a list of the 17 best best social media contest tools. These tools will help you create engaging campaigns that can go viral.

Imagine this: You run a contest or giveaway, and your social media engagement skyrockets. Your audience is excited, sharing your content, and your brand gets noticed.

How? In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the best contest tools and giveaway apps to make this a reality.

Why trust this list? We’ve seen these tools work wonders, boosting the online presence of brands and individuals. However, not all tools are built the same. Some thrive in certain areas and don’t in others. We’ll help you determine which tool is best for your use case. Now, we’re sharing this knowledge with you.

Ready to enhance your social media game with the best social media contest apps in 2024? Let’s explore the tools that can make your campaigns go viral.

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Meet the best contest apps for social media in 2024:

  • ViralKit: AI-powered contest builder that makes creating contests a breeze. It offers 250+ entry methods and integrates with 60+ social media platforms for greatest efficiency.
  • SweepWidget: Vertical giveaway app for organizing sweepstakes and contests on your website. It’s ideal for marketers seeking an easy and effective solution to engage and captivate their audience.
  • WooRise: All-in-one platform for crafting contests, quizzes, forms, and landing pages. It has an easy-to-use interface and strong features, ideal for brands aiming to gather leads and hold successful contests.

These tools will help you supercharge your social media campaigns. Let’s dive into the details of the 17 best social media contest tools!


Best For: Increasing social media likes, followers, engagement, newsletter lists, and overall brand awareness. ViralKit uses AI to simplify contest creation, often completing in less than 10 seconds. It offers 250+ entry methods and integrates flawlessly with over 60 social media platforms.

ViralKit uses AI to create your entire contest in 15 seconds or less. You can also choose from their large assortment of pre-built giveaway templates, or create it from scratch. This powerful social media contest tool provides features like an API, leaderboards, styling features, advanced built-in security, and detailed analytics to champion your campaigns.


  • AI-Powered Ease: It effortlessly sets up and enhances campaigns.
  • Diverse Entry Options: Offers 250+ ways to create engaging contests, it stands out among the most diverse social media contest and giveaway tools.
  • Extensive Social Media Reach: Connects with over 60 social media platforms.
  • Feature-Rich: Includes a native API, leaderboard system, and API-verified entries.
  • Highly Customizable: Allows in-depth customization with an advanced style editor and white-labeling.
  • Efficient Management: Simplifies entry management and offers detailed real-time analytics.
  • Ease of use: Very sleek and intuitive UX that makes it easy for non-tech people to use.


  • New to the scene: Although this giveaway app is a newer tool, it has great community feedback.


  • Essential Plan ($0/mo): Unlimited contests, unlimited entries, embed in your website, free hosted landing page, basic social media entries, choose winners.
  • Boost Plan ($29/mo): Use 40+ social sites, 175+ ways to enter, unlimited entries, style customization, and email connections.
  • Elevate Plan ($59/mo): Get everything in Boost plus 20 extra social sites, 75 more ways to enter, leaderboards, crypto entries, and custom entry creation.
  • Ultimate Plan ($129/mo): Has everything from Elevate plus brand customization, API use, your logo, and advanced support.


Best For: Engagement on various social platforms, collecting emails, and offering instant rewards and coupons.

SweepWidget, a standout in the realm of social media contest tools, offers 90+ entry methods, 30+ social platforms, and 40+ API integrations. It also lets you customize your brand’s look and encourages participants to share and compete through leaderboards. Their the perfect giveaway app for nearly all use cases.


  • Versatile Entry Methods: With 90+ ways to enter, it provides diverse options for engaging participants.
  • Social Media Integration: As a leader among best contest apps, connects with 30+ social platforms, increasing likes, shares, and overall engagement.
  • Email Collection: Collect unlimited emails and seamlessly port them to over 20+ email CRM services.
  • API Integrations: Offers 40+ API connections, including a native SweepWidget API for custom workflows.
  • Customization: Enhances brand appeal with its contest tool capabilities, offering tailored designs, styles, and immediate rewards.
  • Multilingual Support: Provides support for 103 languages for global campaign reach.


  • Users may need to explore it further to understand any restrictions or limitations fully.


  • Pro Plan ($29/mo): Basic features, custom styling, 20+ social platforms, email integrations, friend referrals, and one brand management.
  • Business Plan ($59/mo): Pro features plus leaderboards, instant coupons, Zapier integration, and management for two brands.
  • Premium Plan ($119/mo): Business Plan features, with added whitelabeling, custom CSS, email verification, geo-blocking, and three brand management.
  • Enterprise Plan ($249/mo): Premium Plan features plus API access, custom SMTP, phone verification, unlimited winners, dedicated support, and five brand management.

Each plan is designed to cater to different business needs and sizes, allowing for scalability as your requirements grow.


Best For: Growing email and SMS lists, boosting engagement, and running fun campaigns.

ViralSweep, recognized as one of the best giveaway apps, helps brands collect pictures and videos from their fans and show them off. It’s easy to use with popular websites like Shopify and WordPress.


  • Lots of Tools: ViralSweep has tools for all sorts of contests, like sweepstakes and hashtag games
  • Easy to Use: It works smoothly with websites like Shopify and WordPress.
  • Fan Photos and Videos: Leveraging this contest tool, brands can collect and flaunt photos and videos from their followers.
  • Free Stuff: You get free tools like a random name picker and rule maker.


No Free Plan: There’s no free plan, and the paid ones can be a bit pricey.


  • Starter: $49 per month or $41 per month (billed yearly). It gives you lots of campaigns, basic tools, and works with other apps.
  • Business: $199 per month or $166 per month (billed yearly). It’s like Starter, and it can handle two brands.
  • Premium: $399 per month or $333 per month (billed yearly). It’s for serious business and adds extras like video contests and different languages.
  • Elite: $999 per month or $833 per month (billed yearly). The top-tier plan has all the bells and whistles, like special service and unlimited orders.

Best For: Ideal for businesses and individuals looking for social media giveaway tools focused on gathering data for marketing purposes. is considered one of the best giveaway apps for their extensive list of API integrations. It helps you engage people and gather information to use for marketing. You can do lots of contests, have different winners and prizes, and do things again. It’s like a toolkit for marketing folks and brands to connect with people.


  • Make Lots of Campaigns: You can do as many campaigns as you want, with different winners and prizes for each.
  • Choose What You Do Again: You can pick actions that people can do again and again.
  • Your Branding: You can make it look like your brand, and if you get a higher-level plan, you can remove ‘Powered by Gleam.’
  • Make It Your Way: Being among the best contest tools, it lets you add custom stuff like fields, how it looks, and emails.
  • Connect to Other Stuff: It works with email, can track pixels, make short links, and talk to other computer programs (API).


  • Limits on Lower Plans: If you have a lower-level plan, you might not get as many winners, prizes, or repeated actions.
  • Fancy Customization Costs Extra: The really cool stuff is on the higher-level plans.


  • Starter Plan ($10/month, only yearly): Get unlimited campaigns, up to 25 winners, 5 prizes, and 3 repeated actions.
  • Pro Plan ($49/month): Includes all Starter stuff plus more, with up to 50 winners, 10 prizes, 5 repeated actions, and extra branding and customizing options.
  • Business Plan ($149/month): Goes further than Pro with up to 250 winners, 25 prizes, 10 repeated actions, and extra features for working in a team and advanced customizing.
  • Premium Plan ($399/month): Representing the pinnacle among best contest tools, the biggest plan with up to 500 winners, 50 prizes, 15 repeated actions, and fancy features like talking to other computer programs (API) and special social apps with your own brand.


Best For: ll types of businesses that want to make cool landing pages, interactive stuff, quizzes, and forms.

WooRise is a simple social media contest tool for making interactive landing pages, quizzes, contests, and campaigns. You can drag and drop stuff to make them look awesome. They have ready-made templates, customizable bio link pages, and tools to handle entries and send emails.


  • Make All Kinds of Stuff: You can make lots of cool interactive things easily with templates.
  • Talk Any Language: It works in any language, even ones that read right-to-left.
  • Handle Data: You can look at, control, filter, and move info from people using filters.
  • Work Together: You can invite other people to help and control who gets to change things.
  • Interactive Math: You can make calculators for all sorts of things without needing to know how to code.


  • Free is Basic: The free version only lets a few people join, so it’s not great for big things.
  • Lots to Learn: As one of the best contest tools, there are so many things you can do that it might take some time to learn everything.


  • Free: $0 each month, with lots of things to make, but only 200 people can join, and it’s basic.
  • Basic: $29 each month, with lots of things to make, up to 2,000 people can join, and more help like emails and chat.
  • Grow: $49 each month, make anything you want, up to 5,000 people can join, extra help and support for 5 people.
  • Pro: $99 each month, make anything you want, up to 20,000 people can join, lots of fancy things and support for 10 people.


Best For: Great contest app for small and medium-sized blogs that want to do simple giveaways. Good if you don’t have lots of money to spend.

Rafflecopter makes it easy to manage and run giveaway campaigns. They have different plans to suit your needs. You can choose winners with just one click, export info about who entered, and have as many entries as you want. You can also make your own entry forms, show pictures of the prizes, and connect with different email programs. Enhancing its reputation as one of the best contest apps, Rafflecopter allows the incorporation of polls, surveys, and features for participants to invite their peers.


  • Easy to Use: Rafflecopter is simple to use and set up for giveaways.
  • Flexible Plans: They have different plans from Basic to Premium to fit different budgets.
  • Customization: You can make your own entry forms, add prize pictures, and make everything look like your brand.
  • Integration: It’s easy to connect with different email programs like Mailchimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor to manage your data.
  • Interactive Features: You can add polls, surveys, and ways for people to invite friends to make your campaigns more fun.


  • Limited advanced features compared to other platforms.
  • Customization options might be limited in the basic plan.


  • Basic Plan: This one costs $13 every month. You can do as many giveaways as you want and have as many people enter. You can also make your own entry forms, show pictures of the prizes, have entries from Pinterest, and do polls and surveys. Plus, you get extra support.
  • Grow Plan: It costs $43 every month. You get everything in the Basic plan and can also connect your email list with just one click using email providers like Mailchimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, and Campaign Monitor.
  • Premium Plan: For $84 each month, you get everything from the Grow plan. Plus, you can have as many different form styles as you want, let people invite friends to enter, see real-time stats, and make everything look like your own brand without Rafflecopter’s name.


Best For: Running various campaigns like contests, landing pages, user-generated content, coupons, polls, and quizzes efficiently.

WooBox has lots of templates and powerful tools to help you make your own designs, choose your language, and customize your forms. Their intuitive giveaway app lets you easily manage participants and pick winners, and it works on mobile devices. You can share your campaigns through email, on websites, blogs, social media, pop-ups, and landing pages.


  • Versatile Campaigns: One of the best social media contest apps out there, lets you make contests, landing pages, quizzes, and more.
  • Customization: You have control over how things look, the language used, and the forms with many options to customize.
  • Participant Management: It’s easy to manage submissions, choose winners, and do other things related to participants.
  • Multi-Channel Support: You can share or put your campaigns in lots of places, like websites, blogs, and social media.
  • Integration: It connects with more than 500 tools, including Zapier and Mailchimp, to help manage your campaigns.
  • Audience Insights: You can learn about your audience through trivia and personality quizzes.


  • Some people who aren’t used to lots of features might need time to learn how to use everything.


  • Free Plan: You can start with this plan for free to run live campaigns.
  • Basic Plan: It costs $37 each month, and you only pay for what you use with no commitment.
  • Standard Plan: It’s $32 per month and gives you the best value with unlimited participants.
  • Advanced Plan: This plan costs $99 per month and has advanced options for customization and support for teams.
  • Power Plan: It’s $249 each month and is good for agencies and big companies that want advanced features and support.

    Each plan is made for different business needs, from small campaigns to big marketing ones for enterprises.


Best For: Businesses of all sizes looking for an all-in-one marketing suite that includes contest and giveaway features along with other essential marketing tools.

Wishpond is a full marketing package that has many built in features. It doesn’t just do contests. It makes online ads, web pages, social media contests, and emails easy. It’s simple to use, so both small and big businesses like it. It’s a top pick among out social media contest tools list.


  • All-in-One Marketing: Has everything from social media contests to emails, ads, and SEO.
  • Complete Strategy: Connects contests and promotions with other key marketing tools.
  • Easy Custom Design: Lets you make unique campaigns using ready templates.
  • Manage Leads Simply: Organizes and handles leads easily.
  • Team Help: Comes with support from best contest tool experts like writers, ad pros, and designers.


  • Expensive: Pricing may be high for small businesses.
  • Over the top: can be overwhelming if you just want giveaway tools.


  • Starting Plan: $75/month for 1,000 leads. Good for new businesses.
  • Mid-tier Plan: $149/month for 2,500 leads with API. Fits regular businesses.
  • Growth Plan: From $299/month with advanced tools. For businesses expanding fast.


Best For: Businesses and agencies of all sizes looking for a versatile contest giveaway platform with comprehensive features.

ShortStack is among the best contest tools, providing a comprehensive platform for creating and managing engaging marketing campaigns. Suitable for both small businesses and large agencies, ShortStack ensures your promotional needs are met.


  • Contest Variety: ShortStack has many options like quizzes and giveaways.
  • Reach: Connect with people via social media, websites, or landing pages.
  • Data Use: Manage and export campaign data easily. Get detailed insights.
  • Custom Look: Style your campaigns and choose from templates to match your brand.
  • Support: Get help through email, chat, and success partners from ShortStack.


  • Learning Curve: If you’re new to ShortStack, you might find all the features a bit overwhelming at first.


  • Business Plan: $79 per month (billed annually) or $99 per month (billed monthly). It includes a 10,000 entry storage limit, unlimited page views, campaigns, and emails, among other features.
  • Pro Plan: $199 per month (billed annually) or $249 per month (billed monthly). It offers a 50,000 entry storage limit and allows you to run 2 concurrent hashtag contests.
  • Enterprise Plan: This plan has custom pricing. It’s for businesses with specific needs and offers unlimited hashtag contests and custom entry storage limits.


Best For: Marketers seeking the best social media giveaway tools to amplify email lists and social engagement through viral sharing

VYPER is a top social media contest tool for businesses looking for organic growth. Easily craft viral contests, giveaways, and rewards that boost your online presence. Its user-friendly design helps grow email lists and social followers swiftly. With features like referral programs and reward systems, VYPER fits various marketing needs.


  • Branding: Easily customize campaigns without VYPER’s logo.
  • Domain: Use your own domain for a cohesive brand look.
  • Lead Info: Track many leads, great for growing businesses.
  • Revenue: See how much money VYPER brings in to measure ROI.
  • For Agencies: Manage up to 10 brands, ideal for marketing teams.


  • No crypto allowed: Cryptocurrency-related campaigns are not supported by Vyper.


  • Enterprise Plan ($149/month): For advanced marketers. Remove branding, use your domain, track up to 30k leads and $30,000 VYPER revenue.
  • Agency Plan ($299/month): All Enterprise features plus track 120k leads, $120,000 revenue, and manage 10 brands with 10 client sub-accounts.


Best For: Businesses big and small wanting more leads and sales through referral contests and giveaways.

UpViral is one of the best social media contest tools for viral growth. It uses special methods so more people see and share your contests. You can quickly start a campaign that makes people tell their friends about it.

Why People Like It: UpViral helps businesses grow their audience fast. It’s easy to use, even if you’re new to online contests.


  • Lead Generation: Manage many leads, from 10,000 to 100,000, based on your plan.
  • Brand Management: Handle 1-10 brands, depending on your plan.
  • Campaigns: Make unlimited referral contests and sweepstakes.
  • Easy to Use: Use drag-and-drop to create campaigns simply.
  • Advanced Tools: Includes leaderboards, anti-cheat features, and location-based entry limits.
  • Integrations: Connect with 50+ tools on the Starter plan and 500+ with Zapier on higher plans.
  • Support: Get help through chat and email.


  • Expensive: Pricing might be a consideration for smaller businesses or startups due to the cost associated with the higher-tier plans.


  • Starter Plan ($79/month, was $119): Unlimited campaigns, 10,000 leads, 1 brand, drag-and-drop, referrals, contests, leaderboards, anti-fraud, 50+ integrations.
  • Business Plan ($119/month, was $179): Everything in Starter, 25,000 leads, 3 brands, remove “powered by UpViral”, location restrictions, A/B tests, 500+ integrations via Zapier/API/Webhook.
  • Premium Plan ($299/month, was $449): All Business features, 100,000 leads, 10 brands.

Trial and Guarantee: UpViral offers a risk-free start with a 14-day trial for new users to experience the platform’s features. There’s also a 30-day guarantee, allowing users to cancel anytime if the platform does not meet their expectations.


Best For: Perfect giveaway app for companies and marketers looking to host giveaways, contests, quizzes, and instant win games on multiple social platforms.

EasyPromos lets you create various contests and giveaways for social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You can create promotions for a single network or multiple networks. The platform not only helps engage audiences but also promotes user content. Whether you need a basic giveaway or a detailed promotional campaign without the EasyPromos label, they have a plan for you.


  • Promotion Types: Provides more than 44 different ways to engage audiences and meet marketing goals.
  • Multi-Network Support: Enables promotions on multiple social networks including Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Flexible Plans: Provides a range of plans with different features to accommodate the varying needs of businesses.
  • White Label Option: Offers a plan without EasyPromos branding, allowing for a fully branded user experience.
  • Spin-to-win: One of the only social media giveaway tools on our list to offer a spin-to-win feature.


  • Price: Higher-tier plans may be pricey for small businesses.
  • Learning Curve: New users might take a while to get used to all the platform’s features.


  • Plan: $29/month or $290/year with 5 apps included for basic Instagram and Facebook giveaways (up to 5000 comments).
  • Basic Pro Plan: $49/month or $490/year, including 8 apps with added Twitter and Multi-Network Giveaway support without comment limit.
  • Premium Plan: For $199/month or $1999/year, you get 39 apps with features like photo contests, custom games, prize wheels, and coupon handling.
  • White Label Plan: At $399/month or $3999/year, you receive 45 apps, multi-stage promotions, CSS edits, your own domain, and multi-language options without the EasyPromos name.
  • Corporate Plan: Custom-priced with 45 apps, designed for large companies. Offers a management dashboard, multiple users, special login API, dedicated support, and custom legal agreements.


Best For: Reliable contest app for those aiming to expand their reach with viral contests, sweepstakes, and launches. It’s ideal for marketers wanting to turn followers into campaign promoters.

KickoffLabs is is one of our favorite social media contest tools for creating viral campaigns. Users can run unlimited contests, use custom domains, send reward emails, and more. It supports various contest actions like signups, social media shares, and app downloads. Plus, with custom design options, sharing links, a winner picker, and a viral boost feature, it’s a complete solution for campaign needs.


  • Simple & Diverse: Create different types of contests, from viral giveaways to product launches.
  • Tailored to You: Adjust contest scoring and actions as needed.
  • Connect Everywhere: Seamlessly integrate with social media and other platforms.
  • Safe & Fair: Advanced tools to stop contest cheating and fraud.
  • AI contest builder: KickoffLabs launched an AI contest builder to manage pages, popups, prize ideas, contest emails, images, and more. (KickffLabs and ViralKit are the only two social media contest apps to offer a full AI builder)


  • Learning Curve: New users might need some time to navigate through the platform’s multitude of features and functionalities.
  • Pricing: Smaller businesses or individuals might find the pricing for higher-tier plans to be on the steeper side.


  • Basic Plan: At $19/month, get 2,000 visitors, unlimited campaigns for one brand, a custom domain, and fraud prevention.
  • Standard Plan: At $49/month, enjoy 10,000 visitors, no-branding landing pages, advanced emails, A/B tests, and more integrations.
  • Pro Plan: For $99/month, have 50,000 visitors, three brands, team features, and special tools like SMS contests and advanced reports.
  • Elite Plan: At $199/month, get everything in Pro for 100,000 visitors, five brands, priority help, and design services.


Best For: Considered one of the best giveaway apps for WordPress users. Perfect social media contest tool for users looking to make simple giveaways on a budget.

RafflePress offers a user-friendly WordPress giveaway plugin that allows for the easy creation of successful giveaway campaigns. The plugin is mobile-responsive, offers one-click entry with fraud protection, and integrates with various social media platforms and marketing tools for broader campaign reach and functionality.


  • Intuitive Drag & Drop Builder: Allows for straightforward campaign creation without the need for coding or developer help.
  • Viral Sharing Features: Encourages word-of-mouth marketing and enhances campaign reach and engagement.
  • Responsive Design: Ensures that the giveaway widget is accessible and functional on all devices.
  • Multiple Integrations: Connects seamlessly with various social media platforms and marketing tools.
  • Fraud Protection: Guarantees fair contests by preventing fraudulent entries.


  • WordPress Restriction: The giveaway plugin is exclusively for WordPress users, limiting its accessibility to users of other platforms.
  • Pricing: The cost might be a concern for small businesses or individual users, despite the value it provides.


  • Plus Plan: $39.50/year (from $79). Features for more followers and traffic on one site, prize galleries, and design options.
  • Pro Plan: $99.50/year (from $199). All Plus features for three sites, with email integrations and surveys.
  • Growth Plan: $199.50/year (from $399). Everything from Pro for 20 sites, with viral referrals and Facebook login.
  • Ultimate Plan: One-time $499.50 (from $999). Lifetime license for unlimited sites, with all Growth features and lifetime updates/support.

Viral Loops

Best For: Startups, e-commerce businesses, and technology companies looking for a simple way to start and manage referral campaigns with a reliable giveaway app.

Viral Loops is one of the best social media giveaway tools for referral and viral campaigns. It offers a step-by-step guide for setup, diverse templates, a landing page builder, and easy CRM and email integrations. Users can also track and improve their campaigns with real-time analytics.


  • Quick Setup: The Campaign Wizard ensures easy and fast campaign creation.
  • Template Choices: Offers a range of templates to fit diverse promotional needs.
  • Built-in Page Creator: Handy for businesses needing a dedicated campaign page.
  • Seamless Connections: Integrates with major tools for effortless data management.
  • Instant Insights: The dashboard offers real-time data for optimal campaign tweaks.


  • Pricing: Their contest tool may be pricey for small businesses, especially those needing to accommodate more participants.
  • Limited Features in Lower Plans: Essential features like custom domains, custom CSS, and certain templates are not available in the Start-Up plan.


  • Start-Up: $49/month with up to 1,000 participants, access to specific templates, and essential integrations.
  • Growing: $99/month with up to 3,000 participants, additional templates, API access, custom domain & CSS, and HubSpot integration.
  • Power: $299/month for up to 25,000 participants, all features in Growing plus priority support, no branding, conversion tracking, and Marketo integration.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing for unlimited participants and additional features like account management and tailored APIs.

Pricing plans are designed to suit different business sizes and needs, with the option to save 30% on yearly billing. The higher the plan, the more features and participant limits are available.


Best For: Companies of all sizes looking to efficiently design and run online competitions.

PromoSimple, offers a straightforward approach to crafting and initiating online contests. It boasts easy design features, supports entries via platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and integrates with leading email services. Setting age and location filters is seamless, and choosing winners is made simple. Real-time analytics and reports help users gauge their contest’s success.


  • Easy Contest Creation: Enter basic details, design your form, and launch your contest with ease.
  • Custom Design Features: Customize entry forms with images, colors, and templates for a unique look.
  • Social Media Integration: Engage participants through various social media platforms for wider contest reach and engagement.
  • Data Capture and Analytics: Capture extra user data and analyze your contest’s performance with real-time reports and data export options.
  • Winner Selection Flexibility: Choose your contest winner manually or through PromoSimple’s random algorithm.


  • Learning Curve: Some users might need time to familiarize themselves with the customization options available.
  • White Labeling on Premium: The white label feature is only available on the premium plan.


  • Basic Plan: For $14/month or $171 annually, you get additional data fields, various entry form designs, and social media entry support including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Business Plan: At $29/month or $351 annually, it upgrades to include email tool connections, refer-a-friend features, and enhanced design customization.
  • Premium Plan: At $59/month or $711 annually, it adds complete design options for Facebook, advanced design tools, branding removal, and Google Analytics.


Best For: Bloggers and businesses needing an easy, affordable way to expand their email lists with giveaways.

KingSumo is one of the top contest apps for quick giveaways aimed at boosting email lists. Its intuitive design lets users launch contests fast, making it ideal for smaller operations. The platform offers multiple ways to join, reaching a wider audience.


  • Simple Setup: KingSumo’s user-friendly design ensures quick contest launches.
  • Budget-Friendly: Offers a free option and one-time payment plan, making it a cost-effective choice.
  • Varied Entry Options: Provides multiple ways to participate, boosting engagement.
  • Easy Email Linking: Connects seamlessly with top email marketing tools for smooth list building.


  • Basic Design: KingSumo may have fewer customization choices than other platforms.
  • Simple Tools: It offers straightforward features, which might miss some advanced options other platforms provide.


  • Free Plan: KingSumo offers a free plan that allows users to experience the basic features of the platform, providing a risk-free way to try out the service.
  • Lifetime Deal – $49: A one-time payment grants you lifetime access to KingSumo with additional features unlocked, offering significant savings over time compared to subscription-based models.

Conclusion: Finding the Perfect Tool

In the world of social media marketing, picking the right social media contest tool and giveaway app is different for every brand. Each tool we’ve explored has its strengths, designed to suit different marketing needs.

While ViralKit is our top choice for its smart features, lots of ways to enter, and seamless integration, the best social media contest tool for you depends on your goals, audience, and campaign plans. Remember your budget, the features you want, and the support you may need.

With the right giveaway app, you can grab your audience’s attention and reach your marketing goals. So, explore, experiment, and find the tool that works best for you in the world of social media marketing. It’s the key to success!

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