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    How to Add Prizes to Your Contest with ViralKit

    With, adding prizes to your contest is a straightforward process. Whether you’re setting up a new contest or tweaking an existing one, this guide will take you through the steps to ensure your prizes are set up correctly.

    1. Setting Up the Contest

    To begin, you first need to be within the contest setup page:

    • For a New Contest: If you’re creating a new contest, start by initiating the contest creation process on
    • For an Existing Contest: If you’re adding prizes to a contest that’s already set up, locate it on your dashboard. Click on “Edit” to enter the edit mode.

    2. Toggle the “Add Prizes” Option

    Once you’re within the contest setup:

    • Find the “Add Prizes” toggle button and switch it on. This action activates the prize input fields, allowing you to define your prizes.

    3. Input Prize Details

    For each prize you plan to offer:

    • Prize Name: Enter a descriptive and enticing name for the prize. This is what participants will see and get excited about, so make it clear and appealing.
    • Amount of Winners: Define how many participants will be awarded this particular prize. This information will be prominently displayed at the bottom of your contest form to inform participants.
    • Prize Value: Indicate the worth of the prize. This can help boost perceived value and can drive more entries, especially if the prize has significant monetary value.
    • Currency: Choose the relevant currency for the prize value. This ensures clarity for international participants and adds a professional touch.

    4. Add More Prizes

    If your contest offers multiple prizes:

    • Click on the “Add Another Prize” button.
    • Repeat the steps above to define each additional prize. With, you can add as many prizes as your contest requires, catering to various tiers or categories of winners.

    5. Prize Visibility and Allocation

    • Once set up, the prizes you’ve added will automatically be displayed in the contest rules. This ensures transparency and sets clear expectations for participants.
    • When the contest concludes and it’s time to select winners, you’ll have the flexibility to assign specific prizes to particular winners. This feature is especially handy if you have tiered prizes or different categories.


    Offering attractive prizes is a key strategy to ensure your contest’s success. With’s intuitive platform, setting up and managing these prizes becomes a breeze. By following the steps above, you can seamlessly integrate enticing rewards into your contest, enhancing engagement and maximizing participation.