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    How to Run a Contest on a ViralKit Hosted Landing Page

    Running an online contest can significantly boost your brand’s visibility and engagement. streamlines this process by allowing you to host your contest directly on a dedicated landing page. In this guide, we’ll show you how to set up, preview, and add flair to your contest on

    1. Creating Your Contest

    Begin by logging into your account and accessing the Create New Contest feature. Follow the step-by-step instructions to outline the basic rules, duration, and other essentials for your contest. Once your contest framework is set, it’s time to preview and personalize.

    2. Previewing Your Contest Landing Page

    After your contest is set up:

    • Click on the “View” button located next to your newly created contest. This will open the landing page in a new tab.
    • Browse through the page to see how your contest will appear to your audience. Ensure all the information displays correctly, from the contest rules to entry instructions.

    Click the “View” button

    Bonus Tips: Personalizing Your Contest Landing Page

    To make your contest resonate more with your audience and reflect your brand, consider the following customization options:

    • Styling from the Edit Page: Return to the Edit page of your contest for a suite of styling tools. Tailor the landing page look and feel according to your brand’s aesthetics.
    • Custom Prize Image: A captivating prize image can significantly increase participation. Choose a high-resolution image that clearly showcases the contest reward.
    • Embed YouTube Videos: If you have video content or a promo about the contest, integrate it into the landing page. Videos often result in higher engagement and can provide a clearer context about the contest.
    • Background and Logo: Reinforce brand consistency by selecting a fitting background and uploading your brand logo. It ensures participants instantly recognize the host and builds trust.
    • Other Personal Touches: From typography to color schemes, play around with different elements to find the combination that best tells your contest story.

    Style editor preview

    3. Spread the Word

    Once you’re satisfied with your contest landing page:

    • Social Media: Share the contest link on all your active social media channels. Encouraging sharing can exponentially increase your contest’s reach.
    • Email Campaigns: Notify your email subscribers about the new contest. A well-timed email can result in a surge of participants.

    4. Track and Tweak

    Regularly monitor your contest’s performance. If certain elements or strategies aren’t working, adjust.’s flexibility means you can modify your contest even after it’s live, ensuring optimal engagement.

    Conclusion: makes hosting an online contest straightforward and effective. From creation to customization, the platform offers tools to ensure your contest stands out and reaches a wide audience. Dive in and leverage the power of online contests to amplify your brand’s reach!

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