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    How to embed a contest into your website with ViralKit

    Integrating a contest into your website can increase engagement, generate more leads, and add a fun element to your user experience. If you’ve created a contest using, embedding it into your website is a breeze. Follow the simple steps below to seamlessly integrate your contest into any webpage.


    • You should have already created a contest on
    • You should have access to the backend or editor of your website or CMS where you can paste HTML code.

    Step-by-Step Guide:

    1. Access Your Dashboard
      • Log into your account.
      • Navigate to your user dashboard where you’ll see a list of all the contests you’ve created.
    2. Locate the Desired Contest
      • Find the contest you want to embed from the list.
      • If you have multiple contests, ensure you select the correct one to ensure your audience sees the right content.
    3. Click the “Embed” Button
      • Next to your selected contest, you’ll find an “Embed” button.
      • Click on this button, and a new window or popup will appear.
    4. Copy the Embed Code
      • Inside the popup window, you’ll see a highlighted block of HTML code. This is the embed code for your contest.
      • Click on the code to select it (it might be automatically selected for some users). Then, right-click and choose “Copy” or simply press CTRL + C (Windows/Linux) or CMD + C (Mac).
    5. Paste the Embed Code into Your Website
      • Go to the backend or editor of your website where you typically add or edit content.
      • Navigate to the desired page or section where you want the contest to appear.
      • Switch to the HTML or code view of your editor.
      • Right-click and paste the copied embed code at the desired location, or simply press CTRL + V (Windows/Linux) or CMD + V (Mac).
      • The code should be pasted in its entirety without any changes to ensure the contest displays correctly.
    6. Preview and Publish
      • Once the code is pasted, switch back to the visual editor or preview mode to see how the contest will appear to your visitors.
      • If everything looks good, save or publish your changes.


    • Ensure you paste the embed code in a location that makes sense for your webpage’s layout. This might be in the main content area, a sidebar, or a dedicated contest page.

    Steps with screen shots:

    Step 1: Click the Embed button for your contest.

    Step 2: Copy the embed code, then paste it into the HTML of your website.

    Optionally, embed just the clock

    If you want to just embed the clock into your website, click the Embed specific parts of the contest checkbox. Then, copy the embed code, then paste it into the HTML of your website.

    Here’s how it will display in your website.

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