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    Manually Adding Entries for a User on ViralKit

    ViralKit allows contest administrators to manually add entries for users as needed. This feature can be used to reward participants for specific actions, make adjustments for technical issues, or accommodate special circumstances. This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to use this feature.

    Accessing the Manage Entries Section

    1. Log in to your administrator account.
    2. Navigate to the dashboard and select the contest you want to manage.
    3. Within the contest dashboard, locate and click on the “Manage Entries” section to view the list of participants.

    Selecting a User

    In the Manage Entries section:

    1. Browse or search for the user’s name whose entry count you wish to modify.
    2. Click on the user’s name to access their individual entry information.

    Rewarding Extra Entries

    1. With the user’s details open, find and click the “Reward This User Extra Entries” button. This action will take you to a new screen or dialog where you can specify the number of extra entries to award.
    2. In the provided field, choose the number of entries to give to the user. This number should reflect any predetermined criteria you have established for extra entries or be an amount you determine to be fair and appropriate for the situation.

    Adding the Entries

    1. After you have selected the amount, click on the “Add Entries” button to confirm the addition of the extra entries to the user’s account.
    2. The system may ask for a confirmation or reason for adding these entries to maintain transparency and record-keeping accuracy. Fill in the information if prompted.

    Confirming Entry Allocation

    Once you have added the entries, the updated entry count should now be reflected in the user’s details.

    Best Practices for Manually Adding Entries

    • Communicate with the User: If appropriate, inform the user about the extra entries to keep the process transparent and enhance the user experience.
    • Consistency: Apply the same criteria when awarding extra entries to different users to prevent any perception of unfairness or bias.

    By following these steps and best practices, you can manage your contest entries effectively and ensure that all users have a fair chance of winning. Manual entry addition is a powerful tool that should be used judiciously to maintain the integrity of your contest on

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