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    Uploading Users into a Contest from a CSV File on ViralKit

    ViralKit simplifies the process of adding multiple contest entries with its user upload feature. By using a CSV (Comma-Separated Values) file, contest hosts can efficiently import participant information directly into the contest database. This document will guide you through the CSV upload process.

    Preparing Your CSV File

    Before uploading users, you must ensure your CSV file is formatted correctly. Here are the requirements for each column of the CSV file:

    • Full name (Required): The participant’s full legal name.
    • Email (Required): A valid email address for participant communication and identification.
    • Entry amount (Required): The number of entries that the participant is submitting.
    • Photo URL (Optional): A direct link to the participant’s photograph.
    • Birthdate day (Optional): The birth date of the participant, to be included as one component of a full birth date.
    • Birthdate month (Optional): The birth month of the participant, which is necessary if providing a birth date.
    • Birthdate year (Optional): The birth year of the participant, required if a birth date is provided.
    • Country code (Optional): The ISO country code corresponding to the participant’s location.
    • Region (Optional): The state, province, or area where the participant is located.
    • Referred by (Optional): The email address of the participant who referred the new user.

    Ensure that your CSV file has the proper headers and that the data for each participant is entered in the corresponding columns.

    CSV File Formatting Tips

    • The first row must contain column headers as specified above.
    • Do not include spaces or special characters in the headers.
    • Use plain text for all fields and avoid using any formatting or formulas.
    • If a user’s birth date is included, make sure to provide all three components: day, month, and year.
    • Check that all email addresses are accurate and formatted correctly.

    Uploading the CSV File to ViralKit

    1. Log in to your ViralKit account.
    2. Go to your contest’s dashboard by selecting the relevant contest, then click on Manage Entries.
    3. Find the section or button labeled “Upload Users From CSV” and click on it to start the upload process.
    4. Click on “Choose File” to browse your computer for the correct CSV file.
    5. Select the file and then click on “Open” to upload it.
    6. ViralKit will process the CSV file and auto-import the user data into your contest. You will see a progress indicator or receive a notification once the upload is complete.

    After the Upload

    • Once the upload process is complete, review the imported data to ensure all entries have been added correctly.
    • The platform may validate the format and data consistency, providing feedback if there are any errors detected during the import.
    • If any corrections are needed, you can edit the information directly on ViralKit or update your CSV file and re-upload it after making the necessary adjustments.

    Troubleshooting Common Upload Issues

    • If the upload fails, check for common issues such as incorrect file format, missing required fields, or misspelled headers.
    • Ensure no duplicate email addresses are present unless the contest rules allow multiple entries per user.

    By following these instructions, you can easily add multiple users to your contest through a CSV file, making it convenient to manage large-scale entries and ensure that all participant information is accurately recorded and accounted for in your ViralKit contest.

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