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    Run a Leaderboard Competition

    Engage and motivate participants in your contest with a leaderboard that tracks and displays their progress. A leaderboard competition encourages a friendly contest environment where participants can see where they stand compared to others. Here’s how to set up a leaderboard for your contest on ViralKit.

    Adding a Leaderboard to Your Contest

    To add a leaderboard to your contest:

    1. Navigate to the contest setup or editing page within your ViralKit dashboard.
    2. Look for the section or option labeled “Add a leaderboard”.
    3. Select “Yes” to enable the leaderboard feature for your contest.
    4. Click on the “Leaderboard Settings” button to customize the leaderboard to your preference.

    Customizing Leaderboard Settings

    Within the leaderboard settings, you can define how the leaderboard functions and appears to participants:

    • Header: Input a title for your leaderboard, like “Leaderboard,” to indicate to participants what the section represents.
    • Description: Provide a brief description of the leaderboard’s purpose. For instance, “The participant with the most points will be chosen as the winner. Keep earning points to increase your chances of winning!” This helps clarify the competition’s stakes and how the leaderboard relates to contest progress.
    • How many people should be displayed on the leaderboard?: Decide on the number of participants that will be visible on the leaderboard. Typically, showing the top 10 participants strikes a good balance between competition and attainability.
    • How should people’s names be displayed?: Choose whether to “Show full name” for a more personal competition experience, or select “Remain anonymous” if you prefer to keep participant identities private.
    • Show people’s social media profile picture: If you want to add a visual element to your leaderboard, toggle this option on. It will display participants’ social media profile pictures next to their names, creating a more engaging and personalized leaderboard.

    Encouraging Participation and Engagement

    A leaderboard is a powerful tool to encourage active participation in your contest. Consider these tips for maximizing its effectiveness:

    • Transparency: Make sure the rules for earning points are clear and easily understood to prevent any confusion about how participants can climb the leaderboard.
    • Updates: Regularly update the leaderboard to reflect the most current standings. This keeps the competition lively and participants engaged.
    • Recognition: Use the leaderboard to recognize top performers. This recognition can be a powerful motivator for all participants.
    • Inclusivity: Consider how the competition is structured so that new participants also feel that they have a chance to catch up and compete.

    Saving Your Leaderboard Settings

    Once you have set up your leaderboard preferences:

    1. Click the “Save” button at the bottom of the settings page to apply your changes.
    2. Announce the addition of the leaderboard to your participants so they can track their standings and increase their engagement with your contest.


    With a leaderboard, participants are often more driven to engage with the contest by performing activities that earn them points, such as sharing the contest on social media, referring friends, or completing daily entries. By incorporating a leaderboard into your contest, you’re likely to see an increase in participation and excitement as contestants vie for the top spots.