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    Add a Background Photo To Your Contest Landing Page

    Your contest’s landing page is the first impression participants have of your event, so it’s important to make it visually appealing. ViralKit provides two easy ways to add a background photo to your landing page: by uploading your own image or choosing one from an integrated catalog powered by Here’s how to personalize your contest’s landing page with a background photo.

    Uploading a Photo From Your Computer

    If you have a specific image in mind that reflects the theme of your contest, follow these steps:

    1. Click on “+ Choose File” to upload a background image from your computer.
    2. Select the image file you wish to use. For best results, use high-resolution images that are appropriately sized for web display.
    3. Once uploaded, the image will appear as a thumbnail, allowing you to preview it before finalizing.

    Browsing the Photo Catalog

    For a wider selection of high-quality images, you can browse the integrated Unsplash catalog:

    • Click on “Browse Photo Catalog” to access a vast library of free stock photos from
    • Use the search bar to enter keywords related to the theme of your contest, such as “space” for a cosmic-themed contest.
    • A selection of images related to your search term will appear. Browse through the options and select the one that best fits your contest.
    • Once you click on an image, it will automatically be set as your contest’s background.

    Finalizing Your Background Photo

    After selecting or uploading your background photo:

    1. Review how the image looks in the thumbnail preview to ensure it aligns with your contest’s aesthetic and branding.
    2. Adjust the placement or scale if necessary, depending on the options provided by ViralKit.
    3. Once satisfied, click “Save & Preview Contest” to apply the background to your landing page.

    Previewing Your Landing Page

    To see how your background photo will look live:

    1. Click on “Save & Preview Contest” to view your contest landing page.
    2. This action will take you to a live preview, where you can see your chosen background photo in full scale.
    3. Ensure the image complements the text and other elements on your page for a cohesive look.

    Tips for Selecting the Right Background Photo

    • Relevance: Choose an image that is relevant to the contest theme and resonates with your target audience.
    • Clarity: Select a photo that remains clear and identifiable even behind text or other page elements.
    • Load Times: Consider the file size and resolution; larger files may impact page load times, which could affect user experience.


    By adding a visually compelling background photo to your contest landing page, you create an inviting atmosphere for participants, encouraging them to engage with your contest. With ViralKit’s integration with Unsplash, you have access to a vast array of images to find the perfect backdrop for your contest.

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