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    Add a Featured YouTube Video To Your Contest

    Incorporating a video into your contest can significantly increase engagement and provide a dynamic way to convey your message. Here’s how to feature a YouTube video in your contest on ViralKit, ensuring that it captures the attention of your participants from the moment they view the contest.

    Log into your ViralKit dashboard and select the contest you wish to edit or create a new contest. Within the contest settings, you will find options to add media to your contest.

    Find the section that asks, “Do you want to feature a photo or video?” Ensure you select the “Video” option to embed a YouTube video in your contest.

    3. Providing Your YouTube Video URL

    After selecting to feature a video, you’ll see a field labeled “YouTube video URL”. Here, input the full URL of the YouTube video you want to showcase.

    Step 4: Previewing the Contest

    With the video URL saved:

    1. Select “Save & Preview Contest” to view how the video will appear in the live contest.
    2. In the live preview, the YouTube video should be prominently displayed at the top of the contest widget.

    Finalizing and Going Live

    In the preview mode, watch the video to ensure that it plays correctly and that the quality is up to par with your contest’s presentation. If all looks good, your contest is now ready to go live with a featured YouTube video at the helm.

    Tips for Choosing a Contest Video

    • Relevance: Choose a video that is directly related to your contest or brand.
    • Quality: High-definition videos are more engaging and professional-looking.
    • Length: Keep it concise; shorter videos tend to retain attention better.
    • Call to Action: Ensure your video includes a clear call to action, encouraging viewers to participate in the contest.

    By following these steps, you can effectively feature a YouTube video in your contest, which can serve as a compelling piece of content to engage and inform your audience.

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