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    How to Manually Select Winners with ViralKit

    While random draws add an element of suspense and impartiality to contests, there are times when organizers might prefer to handpick winners based on specific criteria or submissions. With, manually selecting winners is straightforward. Here’s how you can efficiently identify and award your contest participants.

    1. Navigate to the “Entries” Section

    • First, ensure you’re logged into your account.
    • On your dashboard, locate and click on the contest for which you want to handpick winners.
    • Dive into the “Entries” section to view a comprehensive list of participants along with their respective submissions.

    2. Review Each Entry

    Depending on the nature of your contest:

    • Go through each entry to evaluate them against the criteria you’ve set for the contest. For instance, if it’s a writing contest, you might be looking for creativity, relevance, and grammar.
    • Take your time, and ensure you give each entry the consideration it deserves.

    3. Selecting the Winners

    • Once you’ve identified an entry that stands out or meets your criteria, you can manually select it as a winner. Tick the checkbox to the left of their name, then you’ll see an option to “Select Winner”. Or, you can change the dropdown value under “Winner” to “Yes” for the desired user.
    • Repeat this process for as many winners as you’ve decided to have for the contest. Whether it’s a single grand prize winner or includes several runner-ups, ensure each choice aligns with the contest guidelines.

    Change winner status after clicking a checkbox for the user.

    Change the winner status from the dropdown for the entry row.

    Change the entry status.

    You can choose from:

    • Valid
    • Invalid
    • Awaiting Approval
    • Email Not Verified
    • Delete

    Manually set the prize allocation for a user.

    4. Contacting the Winners

    • Reach out to the selected winners using the contact information they provided during their contest entry. This could be through email, phone, or other means.
    • Coordinate with each winner about how they will receive their prize. This might include sending out digital rewards, shipping physical prizes, or setting up in-person pickups.

    5. Announcing the Winners

    • Once you’ve contacted and confirmed with all the winners, consider publicly announcing them. This can be done on your website, social media platforms, or any other channels you’ve used to promote the contest.
    • Public announcements foster trust and motivate participants to join future contests, anticipating they might be the next manual pick!


    Manually selecting winners with is a methodical process that ensures every participant’s submission gets the attention and evaluation it merits. While it might take more time compared to random selection, this method can be particularly valuable for contests where skill, creativity, or specific criteria come into play. With’s intuitive platform, manually awarding your contest participants becomes a breeze.

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