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    How to Invalidate, Delete, or Validate Contest Submissions

    Contest integrity is crucial to its success and credibility. There are instances when you might need to invalidate or delete entries that don’t adhere to the rules or are suspicious. Similarly, human errors happen, and you might need to reverse a previous decision. With, managing these scenarios is straightforward. Here’s how you can easily invalidate, delete, or validate contest submissions.

    1. Access the Entries Section

    • Begin by logging into your account.
    • From your dashboard, click on Create New Contest or find the contest whose entries you wish to manage.
    • Go to the “Entries” section to view the list of participants and their submissions.

    2. Invalidation or Deletion via Checkbox

    • Browse through the entries. If you identify an entry that needs attention, click on the checkbox to the left of that particular entry.
    • Once selected, navigate to the top of the page. You’ll find two options: “Invalidate” and “Delete.”
      • Invalidate: By choosing this option, the entry will be marked as invalid, meaning it won’t be considered during the winner selection process. It’s ideal for submissions that don’t adhere to the contest rules but don’t necessarily need to be removed entirely.
      • Delete: This action will permanently remove the entry from the contest. Use this option with caution, as it’s irreversible. It’s ideal for removing duplicate submissions or entries that don’t meet the basic submission criteria.

    You will see these options at the top after clicking a checkbox for an entry.

    3. Row-Based Invalidation or Deletion

    For quick individual actions:

    • Locate the entry you want to manage.
    • In the entry row, you’ll find a dropdown selector. Click on it to reveal the options.
    • From the dropdown, select either “Invalid” or “Delete” based on your requirements.

    4. Validation: Correcting a Mistake

    Everyone makes mistakes. If you’ve invalidated an entry in error you can follow the same steps from the previous section, but change the value to “Valid”.


    Maintaining the integrity of your contest is essential for its success, and offers intuitive tools to help. Whether you’re invalidating entries that don’t adhere to rules, deleting inappropriate submissions, or reversing previous decisions, the platform ensures a smooth process. As always, ensure you’re fair and transparent in your management to foster trust and ensure a successful contest experience.

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