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Crafting Your Custom Contest Entry Form with ViralKit

Setting up a contest with a custom entry form on ViralKit is straightforward. Follow these steps to create a form that captures all the participant information you need:

  • Register or Log In: Access ViralKit by signing up for a new account or logging in to your existing account.
  • Choose a Contest Template: Start with a 'Starter Template' that suits your contest type, or opt to build your form from the ground up for full customization.

  • Add Custom Fields: Customize your contest form by clicking on '+ Add Entry Methods' and selecting 'Custom Fields.' Here, you can choose from a variety of field types, such as:
    • Text Field: For short responses like names or titles.
    • Text Area: Ideal for longer responses, like contest explanations or creative entries.
    • Dropdown: Perfect for selecting from a list of options, such as T-shirt sizes or preferred contact times.
    • Checkbox: Useful for opt-in policies or agreement to terms and conditions.
    • Radio Buttons: For exclusive choices, like selecting a preferred prize.
    • Address Fields: To collect shipping details for prize distribution.
    • Or choose from many more

  • Set Entry Values: Decide the number of entries each form field is worth. For example, more complex actions like submitting a creative piece could be worth more entries.
  • Optionally add bonus entries for answering questions: You can reward users bonus points for answering additional questions. You can add required form fields in the initial contest form and also have additional questions for bonus points.

  • Design the Form: Tailor the look and feel of your form using ViralKit’s style editor, ensuring it matches your brand and contest theme.
  • Test Your Form: Before launching, conduct tests to ensure the form works seamlessly across devices and that the user experience is smooth.
  • Launch Your Contest: With your custom form ready, launch your contest and watch as the entries begin to roll in.

By setting up your customized contest entry form with ViralKit, you ensure a smooth experience for your participants while collecting the exact data you need for a successful contest.

Comprehensive Entry Options with ViralKit’s Custom Form Fields

ViralKit's versatile form builder allows you to create a tailored entry experience for your contest with a variety of custom field options:

  • Text Field: A simple field for short text responses, perfect for names, email addresses, or any brief information you require from entrants.
  • Text Area: Offers more space for participants to write longer responses, stories, comments, or any detailed content relevant to the contest.
  • Dropdown: Provides a list of options for entrants to choose from, streamlining the process of selecting predefined answers such as age ranges, countries, or categories.
  • Checkbox: Ideal for allowing multiple selections, whether it's for opting into various newsletter segments or agreeing to different contest aspects.
  • Radio Buttons: Enables participants to select one option from a set, ensuring a clear choice for questions like selecting a prize option or an entry category.
  • Address and Address Line 2: These fields are critical for collecting detailed mailing information for shipping prizes or other physical materials.
  • City, State, Postal Code, Country: These separate fields gather comprehensive location data to facilitate segmentation, shipping, or to ensure eligibility based on geographic restrictions.
  • Age Requirement: Verifies that entrants meet the age requirements of the contest, which is crucial for compliance with age-restricted contests.
  • Agree to Rules: A mandatory confirmation that participants have read and agree to the contest rules, often used as a legal safeguard.
  • Newsletter Subscription: Encourages participants to sign up for your newsletter, often integrated with your email marketing platform for seamless list-building.
  • Phone Number: Collects phone contact information, which can be essential for sending updates or verification purposes.
  • Secret Code: Participants can enter a unique code as part of an entry, typically used in scavenger hunts or to confirm purchase verification.
  • SMS Opt-in: Gathers consent for text message communications, which is a valuable touchpoint for many marketing campaigns.

Each field can be set to have a specific entry value, incentivizing participants to complete the form fully. By integrating these custom fields into your contest setup with ViralKit, you can collect a wealth of information from participants while providing them with a smooth and engaging contest experience.

Maximizing Engagement with Effective Use of ViralKit’s Custom Form Fields

Enhancing your contest with ViralKit’s custom form fields not only improves the quality of participant data but also the overall contest experience. Here’s how to utilize these fields effectively:

  • Set Mandatory Fields: Essential fields like 'Address' or 'Agree to Rules' should be made mandatory. This ensures you collect vital information, like shipping details for rewards, or secure agreement to contest terms and conditions.
  • Craft Clear Placeholder Text: Provide example text in placeholder form to guide entrants, clarifying what is expected in each field. It helps participants understand the required format or type of information desired.

  • Design Informative Error Messages: When participants fail to fill out a mandatory field or enter information incorrectly, a clear error message like "Please enter a valid address" can guide them to correct the issue. This helps in maintaining the quality of data collected.
  • Label Fields Precisely: Use descriptive labels for each field to ensure participants understand what information to provide. For example, the label "I agree to receive text messages" directly corresponds with an SMS Opt-in field, making its purpose clear.
  • Explain Checkbox Uses: If you have checkboxes for opt-ins or agreements, make sure to articulate the value they offer, like exclusive updates or contest advancements, to encourage participants to opt-in.
  • Implement Input Validation: ViralKit’s form builder allows you to set validation rules for certain fields, ensuring that the information provided meets your requirements, such as a correctly formatted phone number for text message updates.
  • User Experience Testing: Before going live, test your form thoroughly. Check that all mandatory fields are correctly flagged and that the form is intuitive to fill out from a user’s perspective.

By integrating these tips with ViralKit’s custom form fields, you ensure a seamless entry process that captures complete and accurate data while providing a positive experience for your participants.

Addressing Common Queries with ViralKit’s Custom Contest Form Fields

Q: Can I interegrate social actions into my contest?

A: Yes! ViralKit has 60+ social media integrations with 250+ entry methods to choose from. You can choose from Instagram, Facebook, Twitter X, Youtube, TikTok, Telegram, Discord, Twitch, and many more.

Q: How can I ensure my custom form fields are completed accurately by participants?

A: ViralKit allows you to set mandatory fields and validation rules to ensure accuracy. For example, you can require a valid email format or a complete mailing address.

Q: What if participants skip mandatory fields in my contest form?

A: ViralKit forms are designed to prompt users with an error message, such as "Please fill in your address," if they try to submit the form without completing all required fields. You can make fields optional or mandatory.

Q: Can I customize the error messages for each form field?

A: Absolutely. ViralKit lets you set custom error messages for each field to guide participants effectively, such as "Please opt-in to our SMS messages" for SMS consent.

Q: How do I make a field optional or mandatory?

A: When editing your form fields in ViralKit, you can toggle the mandatory option on or off depending on the importance of the field for your contest’s data collection needs.

Q: Are there limitations on the type of information I can request in my contest form?

A: While ViralKit provides a wide range of customizable fields, ensure you comply with privacy laws and only collect information pertinent to your contest.

Q: Can I add a field for participants to agree to contest rules and terms?

A: Yes, you can include a checkbox field where participants must agree to the contest rules before submitting their entry.

Q: How do I handle consent for communication like newsletters or SMS updates?

A: Use ViralKit’s checkbox or opt-in fields to gather consent, and clearly communicate what participants are signing up for.

Q: Can ViralKit help if I need to collect sensitive information securely?

A: Yes, ViralKit’s security settings ensure that sensitive information like addresses and phone numbers are collected and stored securely.

Q: How can I test the functionality of my custom contest form?

A: Before launching your contest, use ViralKit’s preview feature to test the form thoroughly, ensuring that all fields function as intended and that the submission process is smooth.

Q: Will the custom form fields I create with ViralKit be mobile-friendly?

A: Yes, forms created with ViralKit are responsive and mobile-friendly, ensuring a seamless experience for participants using any device.

By addressing these FAQs, you can confidently use ViralKit to create custom contest forms that are comprehensive, user-friendly, and legally compliant.

Creating a contest that resonates with your audience is all about the details, and with ViralKit, those details start with a custom contest entry form. This powerful giveaway design tool offers the flexibility to build entry forms tailored to your specific requirements, allowing you to gather exactly the information you need from participants. Whether it's for a simple sweepstake or a complex creative contest, ViralKit makes it easy to incorporate custom fields such as text inputs, dropdown menus, checkboxes, and even SMS opt-ins.

ViralKit’s form builder is designed with both the organizer and participant in mind, ensuring forms are user-friendly and conversion-optimized. With support for a variety of field types, including Address, Age Requirement, Country, and Newsletter Subscription, you have the capability to create forms that align with any contest theme or data collection goal. This level of personalization not only enhances the participant's experience but also provides you with rich data to support your marketing efforts.

Embrace the full potential of your contests with ViralKit's customizable entry forms, and turn each submission into an opportunity for engagement, insight, and growth.