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Setting Up Your Snapchat Giveaway with ViralKit: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating a Snapchat contest that captivates your audience and drives follower growth is simple with ViralKit. Here’s your guide to getting started:

  • Sign Up for ViralKit: Begin by registering on ViralKit. If you're already a user, log in to access the array of contest tools available.
  • Select a Contest Template: Choose from a variety of templates that suit the Snapchat platform and your contest goals.

  • Determine Entry Methods: Decide how users can participate. ViralKit supports 'Snapchat Follow' and 'View Story' as verified entry methods, encouraging genuine interactions.
  • Craft Your Contest Rules: Clearly outline your contest rules using ViralKit’s custom rules generator to ensure participants are well-informed.

  • Customize Your Contest Page: Design a visually appealing contest page within ViralKit that resonates with your Snapchat audience, using features like adding a custom logo and styling your landing page.
  • Launch Your Giveaway: Once everything is in place, announce your contest on Snapchat and cross-promote on other platforms using ViralKit’s promotional tools to maximize reach.

With these steps, your Snapchat giveaway is poised to be a hit, encouraging follows and views that translate into lasting engagement and a growing Snapchat community.

Snapchat Entry Methods with ViralKit

To maximize engagement in your Snapchat contest, ViralKit offers various verified entry methods that cater to the Snapchat experience:

  • Snapchat Follow: Encourage users to follow your account for an entry. ViralKit verifies each follow, ensuring that your follower numbers reflect genuine interest and engagement.
  • Snapchat View Story: Use story views as an entry method, with ViralKit tracking each view to confirm participation. This can increase the visibility and reach of your content.

These entry methods are designed to be straightforward for users while providing you with accurate metrics on engagement, making your Snapchat contest both engaging for participants and valuable for your growth objectives.

Diverse Snapchat Contest Types Using ViralKit

  • Snapchat Follower Growth Contests: Boost your Snapchat following by making following your account a contest entry requirement. ViralKit can authenticate these follows, ensuring genuine audience growth.
  • Snapchat Story Engagement Contests: Encourage users to view your stories as a form of contest participation, with ViralKit tracking each view for confirmed engagement.
  • Snapchat Creative Content Challenges: Host contests that invite users to create and share original Snapchat content, such as themed photos or videos.
  • Snapchat Scavenger Hunts: Create a fun and interactive scavenger hunt within your Snapchat stories, leveraging ViralKit for tracking participation and completion.
  • Snapchat Trivia or Quiz Contests: Engage your audience with Snapchat-based trivia or quizzes about your brand or general interests.
  • Snapchat Influencer Collaboration Contests: Partner with influencers for contests to reach broader audiences, with ViralKit facilitating collaboration tracking.
  • Snapchat Caption Contests: Invite followers to caption your snaps for a chance to win, promoting creativity and interaction.

These contest types, augmented with ViralKit's functionalities, are designed to maximize engagement and audience growth on Snapchat, ensuring a dynamic and successful contest experience.

Strategic Tips for a Captivating Snapchat Contest with ViralKit

Enhance your Snapchat contest with these targeted tips, crafted to work in tandem with ViralKit's features for an unforgettable giveaway experience:

  • Create a Branded Geofilter: Design a custom geofilter for participants to use, which can spread the word about your contest organically.
  • Snapchat Challenges: Initiate fun challenges that encourage users to interact with your brand in creative ways. You can use ViralKit's 'Create Your Own Entry Method' to add custom challenges and any other creative tasks.
  • Interactive Story Polls: Incorporate polls in your stories to engage viewers and gather preferences, which can also serve as an entry point.
  • Direct Engagement: Use Snapchat's direct message feature to engage with participants, answering questions about the contest and building personal connections.
  • Highlight User Content: Feature user-generated content on your own story to celebrate and motivate your audience, making them feel valued and part of your community. Again, you can incentivice users to do this with ViralKit's 'Create Your Own Entry Method'.
  • Teasers and Sneak Peeks: Give sneak peeks of prizes or contest details to create buzz and anticipation.
  • Utilize Snap Map for Localized Contests: If your contest targets a specific area, use Snap Map to engage a local audience and drive foot traffic. You can automatically allow/disallow people based on location.

  • ViralKit’s Leaderboard Feature: Keep the competitive spirit alive by incorporating a leaderboard, encouraging participants to engage more for a top spot.
  • Offer a Variety of Prizes: Include different types of prizes to appeal to a broader audience. Display these prizes attractively using ViralKit’s prize management feature.
  • Post-Contest Recap: Share a story highlighting the contest's success, showcasing winners and notable entries, using ViralKit’s public display features.
  • Analytics for Insight: Review your contest's performance with ViralKit’s entry management system, and use the insights to refine your approach for future campaigns.

By leveraging these Snapchat-specific strategies and ViralKit's suite of contest tools, you can create a giveaway that not only delights and engages your audience but also solidifies your brand's presence on the platform.

Key FAQs for Running a Snapchat Giveaway with ViralKit

Q: What are Snapchat’s guidelines for contests and giveaways?

A: Snapchat has specific promotional guidelines that you need to follow, which include not encouraging spammy behavior and providing clear terms and conditions for your contest.

Q: How can I confirm entries are genuine on Snapchat?

A: With ViralKit, you can utilize features like entry verification to ensure that all participants have met the entry requirements genuinely, such as following your account or viewing a story.

Q: What kind of content should I include in my Snapchat giveaway?

A: Content that resonates with the Snapchat audience is visual, engaging, and interactive. Think about using quick, fun videos, interactive polls, and creative imagery that reflects your brand’s personality.

Q: How can ViralKit help me manage my Snapchat contest?

A: ViralKit can streamline your contest management by providing tools for tracking entries, validating participant actions, and analyzing engagement, making the process efficient and fair.

Q: Can I use ViralKit to run a contest on both Snapchat and other platforms?

A: Yes, ViralKit supports multi-platform contests, allowing you to extend the reach of your giveaway across various social media channels.

Q: What are the best practices for selecting a winner in a Snapchat contest?

A: Best practices include selecting a winner through a random draw to ensure fairness. You can use ViralKit’s random winner selection feature to automate this process.

Q: How do I handle participants who didn’t follow the contest rules?

A: Set up a clear policy for rule violations, which may include disqualification. ViralKit allows you to invalidate entries if participants have not adhered to the rules.

Q: How often can I run giveaways on Snapchat?

A: You can run giveaways as frequently as you like, but it’s important to space them out to keep your audience engaged over time without causing giveaway fatigue.

Q: Should I announce the winner on Snapchat or another platform?

A: You should announce the winner publically in your ViralKit contest and also on your Snapchat page. 

By considering these FAQs and utilizing ViralKit’s robust features, you can create and run a successful Snapchat contest that's engaging, compliant, and rewarding for your audience.

Snapchat remains a staple for real-time social interaction and storytelling, with a user base that thrives on spontaneity and creativity. A Snapchat contest tool like ViralKit can be the catalyst to not only spur engagement but also significantly boost your following. Running a giveaway is an interactive way to connect with your audience, incentivize content creation, and spread the word about your brand or personal channel. It's about crafting moments that are worth snapping and sharing, turning every participant into a potential brand ambassador.

ViralKit stands out as a versatile Snapchat contest platform, designed to facilitate the creation and management of giveaways tailored to the Snapchat environment. With entry methods like 'Snapchat Follow' and 'View Story', it offers streamers, influencers, and brands a straightforward approach to hosting contests that resonate with the Snapchat community. By utilizing ViralKit, you can ensure your Snapchat contests are as ephemeral and memorable as the platform itself, driving up your follower count and deepening the engagement with every snap.